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What was the most memorable event of your school life? Probably, some seasonal fair, meeting with an outstanding speaker during Summer camp, or a field trip with learning purpose. Today, more and more activities for children are provided throughout the school year, but we would like to talk about field trips and reasons for joining them. If your child is in doubt on whether to participate in such an event, here are our thoughts on its benefits.

Academic improvement

First of all, students who took part in field trips tend to get higher scores on standardized tests. This was proven by Emilyn R. Whitesell in her recent productivity study: she found out that field trips make old concepts more memorable and easy to understand if taught in hands-on learning conditions.

We are told about the need to acquire quality knowledge since our early childhood. Despite the criticism of modern educational standards, a good education is still a necessary basis for a successful career. But do not concentrate all your efforts on learning - no less important is the interaction with the real world outside the walls of the educational institution. With write my essay you can find and maintain a balance between study and social life because nothing can bring more benefit than theory combined with practice. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of gaining knowledge and enjoying real life!

Also, field trips offer a chance to learn trivial ideas more traditionally, in the example of nature. This lets kids step away from the textbooks and the Internet, and see how things correlate with each other in real life. As a result, students feel more confident with the knowledge they gained on such trips, and that’s why they apply it more accurately on midterms and final exams.

Emotional development

The other positive side of field trips is the emotional intelligence development that takes place during them. With the need to help each other, Seattle Public School students become aware of other people’s reactions to obstacles, ability to perceive new information outside the classroom, and engage in unusual activities they are not used to. During the latest summer camp, they had a chance to boost their writing skills on the go, and help those who felt disorganized become a better essay writer. Thus, the main accomplishment of this trip was learning to be tolerant and attentive to others through common essay writing training. 

Outlook widening

Exploring new places cannot go unnoticed for an individual’s personality. Whatever distant is a field trip, each student has a chance to try out new dishes, get acquainted with language dialects, and communicate with people who are not either instructors or classmates. Magnuson Nature Educators do their best to engage with professionals who can tell students about local nature and traditions in an exciting way.

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Each of us strives to find a balance between work, study, and inner life. The rhythm of modern life sometimes does not leave time to renew mental energy and everyone is looking for a way to replenish them. Communicating with nature is a great and affordable method of renewing inner strength and finding harmony for all facets of one's self. You can feel the unity with nature even within the boundaries of your home town - just go to the park and enjoy the beauty of nature. Don't waste your time writing boring essays or other independent works - the payforessay.net will do it for you.

Learning from the real world

Instructors often wonder how to bring real-life events to the classroom, so that their students could learn to solve problems themselves. Over time, we at Magnuson Nature Programs understood that a field trip is a source of great real-life experience so we advise all teachers to turn to this activity for the good of their school communities.

Leaving a classroom for a field trip allows kids to understand the connection between school learning and real life. Be it a museum or a wood, a trip destination makes students think critically, build cause and effect links, ask the right questions, and answer them. Also, kids start to understand how to apply theory to life situations, and thus, they become more confident and certain about adult life.

Students and teachers relationships fostering

One more benefit of the field trips that we cannot miss mentioning is building a strong relationship of trust between students and teachers. It is especially important during the teen age of students when every kid’s personality transforms from a child to a young adult. The educational process on the trip provides an opportunity to see the teacher as a role model, whose previous experience is useful for a younger generation. At the same time, such trips bring valuable insight for teachers as well: they can see how their students learn, what type of learners they are, and what methods of teaching work the best on them.

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Past and future understanding

Our Scholarship program for middle school students is also intended to teach them the links between past, present, and future. During the Magnuson Nature trips, your child will understand how society develops and what economy and policy have to do with that. Once they participate in our events, their grades in Social Sciences classes are likely to increase drastically.

Finally, learning through going on trips will enhance your kid’s curiosity about the world. No person returns from the journey the same, so you will be surprised how your child has grown emotionally and intellectually after coming back home from the school trip with classmates.

It has been a great year, chock-full of field trips, camps, nature walks, and special events! The Scarecrow Festival on Saturday October 7th, which was also my retirement party, was such a wonderful way to end my time at Magnuson Nature Programs! And I hope to see you next year in the Childrens Garden! Peace and Love, Teacher Emily

Field trip milestone!

In 2010, we began our car seats safety program, and in the years since, we have provided field trips for thousands of students from schools all over the Puget Sound region. During the first few years, most of the students we reached attended schools that could afford the fee, but we also saw how many Seattle Public School students were missing out due to lack of school or parent funding. As a child, field trips were one of my most memorable learning experiences, and so I became determined to find a way to provide free field trips, and in some cases free bus transportation also, for schools with a significant population of low-income families.

The result has been better than I ever dreamed: during the past 5 years, grants from King Conservation District and Seattle Works have funded free field trips for 77 classes and over 2000 students, teachers, and parent chaperones!

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At the Scarecrow Fest on October 7th from 11am-2pm, you will find me in the Children's Garden, helping with all sorts of fun, family-friendly nature exploration activities, and available for pictures in the "Nature Kids" photo booth" - hope to see you there too!

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