Field Trips & Nature Walks

Magnuson Park is a wonderful place for a nature adventure, whether on a guided nature walk or school field trip with Magnuson Nature Educators, or using one of our Explorer Packs for a self-guided tour!


Our Field Trips are a big hit with students, teachers, and parent chaperones!   Teachers can chose from 4 different field trip topics, each filled with multiple experiential-learning activities and held in a different part of the park.  Our field trip activities are a great way to introduce or reinforce elementary-school science units such as animals, organisms, plant growth and development, ecosystems, land and water, and more.   SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS WHERE 35% OR MORE STUDENTS RECEIVE FREE OR REDUCED-FEE LUNCHES QUALIFY FOR FREE 2ND AND 3RD GRADE FIELD TRIPS! For detailed information on our field trip topics, the “nature station” activities for each, fees, and more, please visit our Field Trip page.

During our Family Nature Walks, we travel the trails of the Magnuson Wetlands Complex and other park areas, stopping to learn about and see park wildlife and habitat.  Each 90-minute walk has a different focus, such as resident and migrant birds, frogs and other wetland inhabitants, or nocturnal wildlife such as bats, beavers, and owls.   Walks are held on Saturday mornings or Saturday evenings, and binoculars, field guides, and other supplies are provided for all!

We also offer nature walks through the Seattle Parks Lifelong Recreation Program, for adults age 50 and older. Each 2-hour walk begins in a different location, and most are on level ground and accessible for wheelchair users.  Walks are held on Thursday mornings or evenings, and binoculars are provided with advance request. For more information, please visit our Lifelong Recreation Program Nature Walks page.

Our Customized Nature Walks and Classes can be held in any area of the park that you wish: The Wetlands Complex, Promontory Point and the Flyway, the Central Grasslands, North Remnant or Kite Hill Forest, and/or the Lake Shore.  You can also chose the focus of the walk to be on your favorite wildlife or nature theme such as birds, wetland inhabitants such as beavers and frogs, interesting insects such as ladybugs, dragonflies and butterflies, or you can choose to include several walk themes!  Binoculars, field guides, and other exploration supplies are provided for all. For detailed information on each of these nature walk options, please visit our Customized Nature Walks and Classes page.

Renting one of our Explorer Packs for a day will enhance any self-guided park adventure for a small group!  The easy-to-use backpacks packs contain binoculars, identification guides, trail maps, nature games, and more.  There are 2 different pack themes available for rent at the Community Center during open hours, for only $5/day.  For more information and a slide-show of all Explorer Pack ingredients, please visit our Explorer Packs page.