A quiet moment at Nature Rangers Camp, summer 2012

Magnuson Nature Programs are designed to give children and families outdoor exploration that inspires, educates, and encourages curiosity while experiencing the wonders that nature offers in this amazing park.  We feel very fortunate that the great diversity in ecosystems in Magnuson Park’s 350-acres gives us the ability to explore wetlands, forest, fields, and gardens, for a comprehensive experience of the natural world, all within urban Seattle!

Our 2015 programs include:

  • Special events for the whole family;
  • Weekday gardening and nature classes for tots and preschoolers;
  • After-school gardening and nature classes for children ages 6-10;
  • Nature camps for children ages 4-10 during school breaks and throughout the summer months;
  • School field trips for Pre-K to 3rd grade classes;
  • Family Wetland Walks;
  • Nighttime Nature Walks;
  • Custom nature walks and classes for small groups of adults or youth;
  • A vibrant and fun-filled Children’s Garden, one of the largest in the Puget Sound region;
  • Two Demonstration Gardens: The Bird-friendly Landscape and The Resource Conservation Landscape;
  • Monthly Family Garden Days from spring to fall;
  • Explorer Packs to check out, for a day of self-guided exploration of the park;
  • Volunteer and service-learning opportunities for youth and adults;
  • Magnuson Nature Docent training for volunteer nature educators;
  • and more!


What inspires us?
Magnuson Nature Educators and Nature Docents have two important things in common: We all love being outdoors, and we all enjoy sharing what we’ve learned about nature with people of all ages!

Studies done worldwide have shown a wide variety of positive effects for children who spend plenty of time outdoors in play, hands-on exploration, and in guided or self-directed nature education.  We think adults benefit in similar ways, which is why we also offer so many family-oriented walks, classes, and special events throughout the year!

Visit our History page, Staff and Teaching Methods page and Benefits of Outdoor Learning page for more details!