Fresh-from-the-Garden Camp: ages 6-12

This camp is fun for grownups too!

Grownups happily join the clean plate club at every camp too!

Fresh-From-the-Garden Camp is a special experience, and due to popular demand, they have now been expanded to be 3-day camps!

We’re excited to offer another summer of these delicious and nutritious camps, which have become some of the most popular of the summer!  Besides harvesting baskets full of vegetables from our organic p-patch plot for a gourmet salad bar and appetizer, children also harvest a variety of leaves from our “tea garden” to create a custom iced-tea blend, and pick fruits and berries for a tasty baked dessert.  Vases full of flowers and other beautiful decorations transform the Hawthorne Hills Room into a restaurant fit for a king and queen, which is exactly how our guests will feel when served a marvelous meal by their own personal waiter or waitress!  Older children take on the more complex preparation tasks, and help mentor the younger chefs.  Each child is invited to bring 2 guests for the banquet, who they’ll wait on in royal fashion before filling their own plates.  You’ll be amazed! Here is a list of the daily activities in this fun and unique camp:

Chefs and their creation!

Chefs and their creation!

Day 1: A delicious “snack walk” in our organic p-patch plot starts the day and helps us to plan our meal, then we begin the harvest and food preparation, plant new crops for the next camp, and decorate our menus!

A sun-filled smile and bouquet!

A sun-filled smile and bouquet!

A plethora of purple pole beans!

A plethora of purple pole beans!

Day 2: We’ll begin by making chef’s hats, then going on a hike to pick fresh flowers for our tabletop bouquets and fresh berries for our dessert.  Back in the brig kitchen, we’ll make sauces and dressings, and then begin decorating our classroom “restaurant”!

Day 3:   On Day 3, we’ll complete the finishing touches on our “restaurant”, including creating its name, we’ll finish making all the dishes in the 4-course lunch, arrange them artistically on our serving tables, welcome our guests, and have a great meal together!

Nature Educators: Emily Bishton and Magnuson Nature Docents

Location: Magnuson Brig/Hawthorne Hills Room, Brig kitchen, Children’s Garden, and organic P-Patch plot

Please view our Fresh-from-the-Garden Camp Letter for all the details on camp location what to expect, what to bring to camp, and more!

2016update. Fresh-from-the-GardenCampLetter

Visit our Registration page for details on how to sign up for a camp. Bring a nutritious lunch on Days 1 & 2 only,  and a water bottle on all 3 days.

What a fabulous team!


2016 Schedule:


Camp #1: “Fabulous Feast”

Wed. July 20th –  Fri. July 22nd from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm each day

Fee: $120

SPARC camp code: #145263



Did you ever see such a beautiful lunch?

Camp #2: “A Scrumptious Lunch”

Wed. August 3rd – Fri. August 5th from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm each day

Fee $120

SPARC camp code: #145264



Biscuits with fresh-picked Blackberry sauce- yum!

Camp #3: “A Beautiful Banquet”

Wed. August 24th –  Fri. August 26th from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm each day

Fee: $120

SPARC camp code: #145262