Nature Rangers Ages 8-9


Last year’s camp was so much fun that parents asked for more opportunities for older explorers, so we decided to expand this program too!  These adventuresome camp weeks will be chock-full of hands-on nature science activities and park exploration.  Each camp will focus on a different Magnuson Park ecosystem.  Sign up for one camp or both! Fee includes an official Nature Rangers bandana. Bring a nutritious lunch, snack, and a water bottle.


To register for camps, contact Magnuson Community Center staff at 206-684-7026 to pay by phone, or visit Magnuson Community Center in person.  To complete your registration, you will also need to turn in a current completed E-13 form, which can be picked up at any Community Center in Seattle.


Camp Sign-in Location:

Magnuson Brig/Ravenna Room (download a map)

6344 NE 74th St.

Seattle, WA 98115


“Wetlands and Wildlife” Camp

Monday July 16 – Friday July 20th

9:30 am – 1:30 pm


Magnuson Park’s wetland areas are unique and diverse, each with its own interesting history and ecosystem: the Wetlands Complex completed in 2009, the new Shore Ponds completed in late 2011, and older wetland areas such as the Frog Ponds that developed on their own after the Naval Air Station runways were demolished.  The Children’s Garden is also bordered by a swale and pond system that absorbs and filters runoff from the entire 4-acre Community Garden.  Each of these habitats provides special support for different varieties of plant and wildlife species, and this camp will focus on the plant/animal relationships that have developed in each wetlands area. The hands-on exploration activities that fill each day of camp will also teach children about the vital role that wetlands play in the water cycle and food chain, and how they function to improve water quality for humans too!  July is a fabulous month to see and hear a tremendous number of frogs, dragonflies, songbirds, waterfowl, raptors, and more in all of Magnuson Park’s wetland areas.


“Woodlands and Wildlife” Camp

Monday August 6th – Friday August 10th

9:30 am-1:30 pm


Magnuson Park’s woodland areas are a green oasis for a wide variety of birds and other wildlife.  Promontory Point Forest is a popular stopping point for migratory and resident songbirds, and where there’s always a chance to see something special, such as a Hummingbird chasing a flock of Crows who are chasing a Bald Eagle! The Kite Hill and North Forest Remnant woods are bordered by open fields, which makes them unique places to observe species that need access to both shady refuge and sunny meadows.  This camp will focus on the plant/animal relationships that have developed in each woodland area, and the vital role that trees play in the nutrient cycle,  food chain, and quality of life for humans too!  August is a fabulous time for children to observe, compare, and contrast the deep green oasis of the woodlands with the mid-summer color burst in the open areas of the park as we take our daily hikes.


Fresh-From-the-Garden Camp

Ages 6-9

We have offered this camp as a 1-day class in previous years, but there was just too much fun to fit into one class, so we’re excited to offer it as a 2-day camp, filled with fun and delicious activities for school-age children!  Day 1: a delicious “snack walk” in our organic p-patch plot to plan our meal, begin the harvest, and set up our “banquet room”.  Day 2: plant crops for the next camp, make flower bouquets, and prepare a delicious lunch and dessert using the fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits we have harvested.   Plus, each child is invited to bring a guest for the banquet, who they’ll wait on in royal fashion- sign up for one or several!

“Super Spring Banquet”

Thursday June 21 & Friday June 22nd

9:30 am – 1 pm



“Scrumptious Summer Banquet” 

Thursday July 26 & Friday July 27th

9:30 am – 1 pm



“Sensational Season Banquet” 

Thursday August 23rd & Friday August 24th

9:30 am – 1 pm